Alberta Foreclosure Advice

At whatever stage of foreclosure you may be currently, understanding that you as the homeowner remain in control both of your home as well as the direction and result of the proceedings against you is of paramount importance. This remains a fact up until the home is sold via judicial sale, and controlling whether or not it ever gets that far remains your decision.

The foreclosure process in Calgary or anywhere in Alberta for that matter is a serious issue, but it is possible to turn the situation around.

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4 Responses to Alberta Foreclosure Advice

  1. Lance Barkley says:

    I am seeking advice regarding a Foreclosure for breach of contract on a mortagage – I would like to keep my house – I am currently employed with the same employer for 3 years I had some additional costs come up that put me behind in my mortgage and I was unable to catch up and get a head therefore always behind, Please advise what actions I can take in order to keep my house. Thanks

  2. frank yurich says:

    hello there i’m in a spot i have being fighting a foreclosure on my home for about a year now they have had it for sale and have dropped the price over 60,000 to try to sell it i did have it appraised and have being making bi weekly payments for the past 3 months of 1000 each payment the term of the mortgage has expired i have tried to secure financing with no luck i,m making all house hold payments insurance,utilities,and taxes also the second is being paid im trying hard but i ma up against bob bishop of Bishop and Mackenzie and as of this past Friday i received a email from bob stating he is going to file for me to vacate the property i would like to save my home and i am on my feet again and trying to rectify this if you can help please let me know ..thanks in advance frank

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